Automodelista 2 new content announced

The end of the month always brings some good news from gamedevs and Reiza know how to deliver.

v0.8.7 introduces Time Trial!

The system is an evolution of the popular Time Trial mode we had in Automobilista 1, with the new engine bringing some great new features such as the ability to load ghost laps (both from the best time in the leaderboard or from your best placed Steam friend).

The Classic 1986 Brazilian Opala Stock Car season is back with a fully reworked and revamped version from AMS1, also with FFB and AI improvements.


Aside from the ’76 versioni already available, the new and improved version of the South African circuit will be available next week.

Automodelista 2 new content announced, Digital Apex Modding

Sigma P1

Next week´s build will also see the introduction of a new Brazilian Prototype – the imposing Sigma P1 debuted in the Brazilian Endurance Championship in 2019, powered by a mighty Audi V8 turbo engine – the car will be fully revised for the new season complete with an engine built in-house, with the goal of challenging the pace setting AJRs in P1 classs.

Automodelista 2 new content announced, Digital Apex Modding

We are thrilled to confirm extensive licensing agreements with some of the most iconic brands in motorsports in Mclaren Racing, Classic Team Lotus and Brabham Racing, which will see a number of their Classic Grand Prix cars being added to Automobilista 2.

The first batch will not take much longer, including beauties such as the Lotus 72D, the Mclaren M23 and the Brabham BT44

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