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Come work with us!

As we’ve said before, we’re looking for modders.

We do not exclude the possibility of teaming up with other mod teams or merging with existing (smaller) ones.

Anyway, here’s what we need:
(for all positions sample work is mandatory)

3D car modeler – Must work with 3D Max (preferred) or Zmodeler. Must be able to model interiors (and possibly engine & car internals)
3D track/architecture modeler – Must work with 3D Max and/or BTB. Must be able to create accurate trackside objects (ie. buildings, etc)
Graphics – You will mostly create skins for various mods. Ability to creat icons and /or textures is favoured.
Sound engineer – Ability to manipulate car sounds.
Physics engineer – Must work with realfeel plugin, you will work with another physics engineer.
Web designer – Good Html and PHP knowledge.

Please contact us throught: contact.digitalapex@gmail.com

We will reply to all emails.