Roadmap into the summer

Temporary confinement does have a silver lining and we’ve been both busy regaining momentum for the past two months working on our projects.

Citroën AX GTi Cup

We’ve been working pretty much every day, mainly doing skins and fixing some bugs and missing features

Internal sounds are pretty much final, but we still need to make exterior, if we find the sources. If not, it will use a Kunos sound.

We’re remaking the interior (dashboard, front doors, etc) and it’s looking mighty good!

A beta/closed testing release could happen so we can get some feedback, but don’t take our word just yet.

Vila do Conde 1988 Track

This is our biggest task, in the works for quite some time now, there still some buildings to be made and terrain to be improved, but we’re quite happy with it.

A big step that could take a bit of time is transfering this project from 3Ds Max onto Blender, but it will save time in the long run.

VW Polo G40 Cup

Not so much a conversion from our rF original mod, but we added some features to bring it a bit more up to spec.

We’ve upgraded the dashboard to a more detailed one and in terms of 3D, it is final.

Physics are just a placeholder at the moment except for the torque curve.

This car will be released both for Assetto Corsa and rFactor2

The future?

Guess the next car in line should be the Toyota Starlet 1.3S KP61 Group B2, still needs mapping and a lot of AC features.

The BMW 320is Cup will also get some love but for now it’s in the backburner AND the BMW 528i…

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